A fun memory

For some reason, while walking through 5 feet of snow this morning a thought came through my mind… a distant memory now…  did it really happen? …

The memory: After seeing the sand dunes at  Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert, Kendall and I were driving back through the dirt “roads” towards civilization in our super lemon of a rental car and all of the sudden the trunk opens. We stop, go out, and notice that the latch was broken. We MacGyver the trunk shut with a combination of duct tape and some rope that we took from our sleeping bags bag…We did this so nonchalantly that it seemed like another day at the office. Well for us, at that time, I guess it was.

For some reason I had and I still have the biggest smile on my face throughout this snowy morning here in Winnipeg.

I love our memories. I miss travelling. I can’t wait to get going again. Life moves on.

Back to spreadsheets.






One Comment  to  A fun memory

  1. Wiles says:


    An update!

    I miss getting these at regular intervals in my inbox. I could always count on a neat story once in a while, and some pictures from a magical place.

    Don’t get me wrong, spreadsheets are cool too, but I prefer elephants.

    Hope you guys are doing great!

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