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A fun memory

For some reason, while walking through 5 feet of snow this morning a thought came through my mind… a distant memory now…  did it really happen? …

The memory: After seeing the sand dunes at  Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert, Kendall and I were driving back through the dirt “roads” towards civilization in our super lemon of a rental car and all of the sudden the trunk opens. We stop, go out, and notice that the latch was broken. We MacGyver the trunk shut with a combination of duct tape and some rope that we took from our sleeping bags bag…We did this so nonchalantly that it seemed like another day at the office. Well for us, at that time, I guess it was.

For some reason I had and I still have the biggest smile on my face throughout this snowy morning here in Winnipeg.

I love our memories. I miss travelling. I can’t wait to get going again. Life moves on.

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Luang Prabang to Chiang Mai by Slow Boat

Slow Boat Day 1

As mentioned in the previous post there really isn’t a fast or comfortable way to get from Luang Prabang to Chiang Mai on a small budget.  After much contemplation we decided to take our chances with the 2 day public slow boat upriver along the Mekong.  With extensive research (online, other travelers, travel agents etc) we concluded that the following awaited us:

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Top 5 Foods

Top 5 Foods!

Continuing with our top 5 lists we come to my favourite category, top 5 foods! This was probably one of the hardest lists to compile as we have tried hundreds of varied local foods throughout our travels. The list could have easily been a top 10 or 20, but then it would just ruin the consistency of our lists. As anybody who knows us personally can imagine, this list has obviously been written entirely from my perspective. If Kendall had done her own list it would have definitely consisted only of 5 variations of bread and cheese.

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Wet and Wild Songkran

Wet crowd

After a pretty scary flight from Hanoi we arrived in Bangkok for a short two day stay. The weather was not cooperating while we were in the air and there were severe thunderstorms and heavy winds above Bangkok. We’re pretty sure the pilot had to abort one landing attempt as the weather was too violent and the plane was forced to fly past the airport and into the gulf of Thailand before doubling back for another attempt. The second time around the weather cleared and we touched down without incident.

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History and Culture in Hanoi


We arrived in Hanoi during the afternoon and proceeded to quickly and efficiently take an airport shuttle bus into the old quarter of town. Once in the old quarter, being forewarned by numerous travellers about the dodgy taxis operating in the Vietnamese capital, we were fairly diligent in hailing the proper taxi company to our guesthouse. We would be spending a total of 5 nights at the Lucky Hanoi Guesthouse, broken up with a one night stay on Halong Bay.

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Top 5 Travel Mistakes

Top 5 Travel Mistakes

Our last list featured five of our best travel decisions, we’re following up now with our Top 5 Travel Mistakes. These aren’t major mistakes and they did not cause us any significant problems, but they are five things that we feel we could have better planned and given more thought to. If we had avoided making or not making these five decisions our travels would have not only been much more comfortable, but we would have very likely had a bit of extra cash left in our pockets.

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Good Morning Vietnam

Boat ride

After a fairly comfortable 6 hour bus journey and an easy crossing at the Cambodia/Vietnam border we arrived in Vietnam’s largest city Saigon, shortly after 2:30pm (yes I know it is officially called Ho Chi Minh City but along with most travelers and locals I prefer to refer to it as Saigon). To our pleasant surprise the bus dropped us off literally meters away from our guesthouse in the backpacker district of Pham Ngu Lao. After a speedy check in we decided not to waste any time and head straight out to explore the bustling, hectic city. Contrary to our familiar pattern we actually had a busy couple of days planned in the city so we had little time to wander around and explore at our own pace.

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Cycling the Temples at Angkor


Visiting Angkor Wat has been an obsession of mine for as long as I remember… actually come to think of it, I probably became interested in Angkor when I first noticed this fascinating poster of an old temple being overgrown by a tree at my old friends’ house (Spadina).

I was mesmerized and I told myself that one day I would visit and explore this place. This past week, Kendall and I got a chance to do just that!

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Just Another Day in Paradise

Beach vball team

We have been on Koh Phangan for about a month and our stay so far has been everything that we have hoped for!  I believe that staying anywhere for around a month is just enough time to really get to know a place and to get a good idea of what life is really like there. Obviously you are just scratching the surface and can’t call yourself a local just yet, but you do start to see a lot of things from a non-tourist perspective.  

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Enjoying the Sun in Krabi

Railay Beach (2)

After a very, very relaxing week at Koh Jum we reluctantly returned to the Thai mainland. Our next destination was the town of Krabi. Taking the same route out that we took into Koh Jum, we made fairly decent time and arrived at our hostel by 10am.

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