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Beautiful Cape Town

Twelve Apostles

After our incredible shark experience we decided to do something a bit more low key with our remaining few days in the Mother City. I am slightly embarrassed to admit this but we bought tickets for the CitySightseeing tour bus. Yes those double-decker red buses that you see in New York, London and other world class cities. I have never been on one before and never thought that I would, but frankly we were a bit lazy and couldn’t be bothered to figure out the bus/mini-bus system here in Cape Town.

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First Days in Cape Town and a Visit to Robben Island

Former political prisoner now guide at obben Island

We arrived in Cape Town after yet another long (22 hour) overnight bus ride from Windhoek.  Even though the ride and the border crossings were uneventful we were pretty sick of taking the InterCape, so we decided that we would find alternate transportation for our last long journey back to Johannesburg.

We were feeling pretty good when we got to our hotel so we decided to skip the requisite post overnight bus nap and headed out to explore the city. Straight away Cape Town gave off a hugely different vibe from Durban and Johannesburg the other two South African cities we had visited.  It is an absolutely GORGEOUS city. It is sparkling clean, has amazing views from pretty much everywhere and best of all for us long term travelers, it is extremely affordable.

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