Chobe National Park

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Top 5 Animal Experiences

Top 5 Animal

I LOVE animals! By far and away one of my favourite parts of traveling is getting to see and meet some of our planets most incredible creatures in their native environments.  We’ve had the opportunity to get up close and personal with several wonderful animals and these memories will forever be some of my best.  Although animal tourism is a huge draw for me and so many others it’s important to remember that the most important thing is the animal and not your personal enjoyment as a tourist. If participating in this type of tourism you should always make sure to do your research first. Seek out the most responsible, natural and nonintrusive way to meet our planets animals. Never support exploitation even if it means a cheaper price tag and closer contact with the animal.

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Chobe National Park: up close and personal with elephants

Another big guy

When we arrived in Kasane we were somewhat let down to see that our chosen accommodation wasn’t very nice at all. Fair enough, we were camping, but the grounds definitely left something to be desired. There was no self-catering option whatsoever, no communal areas to hang out at besides a few picnic tables, and generally lacking facilities. For the equivalent of almost 25dollars a night we weren’t very happy. To make matters worse, it was boiling hot that day and our initial campsite had no trees or shady spots to shelter our tent from the blazing sun. Ugh. Although we were eventually able to move our tent beneath a tree let’s just say that it wasn’t a very nice first day in Kasane.

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