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Top 5 Islands

Top 5 Islands

As our journey begins to near its end we are becoming increasingly reflective over these past few years. We’ve decided that a great way to cap off our journey and our travel blog will be to post a series of top 5 lists. We stole the idea from our friend The Gentleman Adventurer Chris Liberty. Over the next few weeks we will sporadically post these lists. We hope you enjoy them.

Here is a list featuring our top 5 favorite islands from the journey:

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Goodbye Koh Phangan

Why don't we live here???

Today is our last day on this beautiful island and we are obviously pretty bummed to be leaving. These past five weeks have been such an amazing time and it’s always hard to move on from a good thing isn’t it? That said we are really excited for our last few weeks on the road and our fast approaching return to Canada.

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Just Another Day in Paradise

Beach vball team

We have been on Koh Phangan for about a month and our stay so far has been everything that we have hoped for!  I believe that staying anywhere for around a month is just enough time to really get to know a place and to get a good idea of what life is really like there. Obviously you are just scratching the surface and can’t call yourself a local just yet, but you do start to see a lot of things from a non-tourist perspective.  

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Living the Island Life on Koh Phangan

Wonderful place to hang out

At the moment, our lives are as perfect as lives can get.

We decided a few months ago that when we got to Thailand we would find an island and settle down for a month or so and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We chose Koh Phangan on the Gulf of Thailand and it has proved to be an excellent choice.

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