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An Ottawa Reunion in KL


We kicked off our second week in KL with yet another reunion, this time with our good friends from Ottawa Jay and Steph who just began their 3 month trip throughout Southeast Asia. It had been 2 and a half years since we had last seen them so it was really exciting to be reunited in Malaysia! After an overnight flight from Japan I was quite surprised and impressed that they were in as good of shape as they were. Jay said it was due to excitement and adrenaline and I have to believe him as Kendall and I are always knackered after an overnight journey and need to sleep for a few hours to regain some energy.

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A “Funky” Reunion in KL

Batu Caves Entrance

Our first week in Kuala Lumpur has come to an end.  We’ve capped it off brilliantly with a super fun weekend spent out and about in KL with our former colleague from the Funky Green Voyager days in New Zealand, Sam.  

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First Days in KL


Our Himalayan foray ended with a spectacular and scenic flight over the gigantic mountain range on our way to Malaysia. We were taken aback by the incredible views at eye level with our plane. At one point the pilot made an announcement “on your left you can see Mt. Everest”. We looked at each other and then quickly glued our faces to the window. And there it was the world’s tallest mountain. Unfortunately I could not get at my camera as it was in my bag which was stowed above, but the image of the mountain will be forever imprinted in my memory. It was truly fantastic seeing it from plane and I hope that maybe someday I will see it from the ground.

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