South Africa

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Riding the train from Cape Town to Johannesburg with Shosholoza Meyl

Some of the lovely scenery

As I mentioned in an earlier post, by the time we arrived in Cape Town we were thoroughly sick of taking InterCape buses  It might be a fairly comfortable ride but our journeys always seemed to be accompanied by some kind of InterCape shenanigans.  On our last trip the girl working the bus claimed that a huge chunk of the seats near the back were reserved and made us move twice. Of course, we knew that she was full of it. We had been sitting in seat 35 and 36 which nobody would make a special effort to reserve, plus this was our 5th InterCape bus ride and so far we had never seen or heard of any option to reserve. As the ride wore on it became obvious that she didn’t want anyone to sit in the back so she could nap for hours at a time on our journey.

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Beautiful Cape Town

Twelve Apostles

After our incredible shark experience we decided to do something a bit more low key with our remaining few days in the Mother City. I am slightly embarrassed to admit this but we bought tickets for the CitySightseeing tour bus. Yes those double-decker red buses that you see in New York, London and other world class cities. I have never been on one before and never thought that I would, but frankly we were a bit lazy and couldn’t be bothered to figure out the bus/mini-bus system here in Cape Town.

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Durban: the Jesus bus, cow heads and Grandmaster Flash


We spent our second week in South Africa in the countries’ third largest city – Durban.  We took the InterCape Bus from Johannesburg for a cool 380 Rand. This was one of our most expensive bus trips yet costing roughly 43 dollars. The seats on the bus were really plush and spacious; there was also air conditioning, and a bathroom on board making this a very comfortable 7 hour journey.  The overall InterCape experience would have been great had it not been for the in-your-face religiousness of it all. I kid you not they blasted Evangelical gospel music the entire 7 hours we were on board. The only time there was a break from the music was when they put on one of their prayer videos. Ugh. We couldn’t really decide whether we found this hilarious or annoying beyond words, so we kind of kept alternating between the two. It was just SO strange. I would have never expected something like that from a major bus company!

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First Week in Johannesburg

Hello there

When we arrived in Johannesburg we were met at airport arrivals by our South African hosts Janusz and his daughter Paulina. It was SO nice to have someone waiting for us at the airport and it was even nicer to have them waiting for us. We instantly hit it off with the whole Malek family and felt so warmly welcomed into their beautiful home. We would like to thank them so so so so soooooo much for their ongoing hospitality!!!

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