We ♥ Hong Kong

Light show from Kowloon

It’s a true testament to the greatness of a city when you enjoy the heck out of it despite awful weather. Such was the case with us and Hong Kong. Although we were only there for one super rainy day we really fell in love with the city. I was completely surprised by this since I had come to find I mostly dislike large Asian cities.  Apparently Hong Kong is my exception.

To get to Hong Kong we first had to fly from Chiang Mai to Macau then make our way into the city from Macau’s airport. After a long day of waiting around airports and traveling we weren’t really in the mood to catch the ferry/train/bus combination that was going to be necessary to reach our hotel from Macau but we ploughed forward knowing this was literally going to be our last few hours of backpacking life. Once we made it to the hotel it was all going to be downhill from there. Our commute to the hotel ended up taking almost three hours, but it was all very easy and straightforward. It was made even easier by the fact that my Mom and Vicky had taken Luke’s big bag with them on their flight so we only had to lug around my reasonable sized bag. It felt great to be so much more mobile.  As it was late when we reached the hotel we headed straight to bed after check in.

The next morning we headed out on the town with Vicky and Mom. The weather started out overcast but nice and warm and we had a lovely few hours riding the MTR into the city center and exploring the Mong Kok area of the city.  It was mostly shopping and food stalls but it just had a really appealing vibe to it. Hong Kong is a HUGE city and it is extremely busy but things run so smoothly and efficiently that it doesn’t feel too overwhelming. This area of the city actually reminded us all a lot of Manhattan.

Shortly after we stopped for lunch at a decent Italian restaurant it began to rain so our afternoon strolling plans were dashed. We hadn’t made a contingency plan for the weather so we ended up going to a mall.  Nothing special here, just your average mall. It is amazing though how many high end designer stores you see everywhere in Hong Kong, I saw 3 different Chanel stores in our afternoon out and a bout. There is obviously some serious money in the city.

When the rain didn’t let up we decided to follow through with our initial plan of heading over to Kowloon to check out the Hong Kong skyline. We loved the waterfront area by the Kowloon ferry terminal despite the heavy rains. I can only imagine how fantastic a place it is to be on a beautiful day. The views of Hong Kong are of course, incredible and the statues and walk of fame are really fun too.

After a quick coffee break to get out of the rain Mom and Vicky headed back to the hotel and we went on to meet up with our friend from home Eythan who has been living in Hong Kong for years.  We had a super fun evening with him and his roommate Eddy watching the light show from the boardwalk before heading out for some beers. It was so great to catch up and it was an overall fantastic way to spend our last day and night as travellers.

The next afternoon we headed to the airport with all of our fingers and toes crossed. We were booked as standby passengers on a flight to Toronto that day. There are never any guarantees when you fly standby and we were all a little anxious to find out what our fate would be. I obviously was the most anxious of us all. But, after a few nerve racking hours we were let onto the flight at the last second. We were going home!

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